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Trenchip solutions optimized in cost and performance for specific applications.


Subway asset location and mapping system

TrenchBasic allows the location and mapping of points in subsurface assets, at a depth of up to 1 meter, using passive RFID sensors and a specific reader equipment.

Unlike other solutions on the market, TrenchBasic incorporates an application that records the precise location of each sensor, allows grouping sensors in projects and facilitates the transfer of location data for digitization on a GIS map and its visualization on a digital map.

It is an easy to implement solution, whose simplicity provides a quick adoption and incorporation into work processes, suitable for applications where only Trenchip’s location and mapping features are needed.

Trenchip Wall

The keys to TrenchBasic


Locates the installation accurately and precisely

información en la nube

The app stores the locations and allows you to create projects

Visualización de los sensores en el mapa

Allows transfer of location information for display on the map

Galileos atop Ariane 5. Copyright: ESA-Pierre Carril, 2017.

Trenchip Wall

Solution for the location and management of manhole maintenance with 3D images and augmented reality.

Trenchip Wall is a specific solution for manhole maintenance management, offering all the functionalities of Trenchip and incorporating advanced imaging features. This solution employs sensors specifically designed for use in manholes. Among its application features, the 3D imaging function and the augmented reality tool, which allows virtual elements to be added to real images in field inspections, are particularly relevant for this field of application.

In addition to these functions, Trenchip’s own document management functions allow storing photographs and videos of the marked manholes, archiving technical information and keeping a historical record of the actions carried out at each point. These features, together with the image functions, make Trenchip Wall a totally innovative tool for the registration and comprehensive management of manhole maintenance.

The keys of Trenchip Wall


Accurate location of manholes with long-life sensors


Display of sensors and tracks on the map


Registration and access to information via app

3D image generation and registration

icono realidad aumentada

Augmented reality tool

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