A system for the location and information of trenches and underground pipelines

With digitized document management

Visualización de la información desde el mapa digital

Trenchip is an integrated system that allows you to mark, accurately locate and record information about specific points in trenches and underground conduits.​

With Trenchip you can view and keep updated information about your infrastructures from anywhere using an application and a Geographic Information System in the cloud.

Your data in the cloud for a further reliable control

With Trenchip data about your infrastructures is sent and processed in the cloud, instead of being stored in the sensor. By accessing the data reported through the web and mobile app, you have control at all times over the information linked to the sensors and can make decisions based on updated data, as well as ensure the security of information on your infrastructure.

The Trenchip system is composed of three main elements:

RFID sensor

It enables the labelling of the points in situ and their subsequent precise location from the surface, for a safer excavation.

Cloud application

The Trenchip cloud software processes the reported data and executes the mapping of all its sensors.

Web and mobile app

It enables to record information about the marked installations, check, update it and visualize all its sensors on the map.

A solution with high added value

Trenchip is a comprehensive system inspired by the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the best available technologies to offer high value-added solutions.

With Trenchipthe control and maintenance of ditches and underground conduits is easier, safer, faster and much cheaper.

Galileo Masters 2020 Prize Winner tag

 Galileo Masters Catalonia 2020 Awards

Winning project in the Galileo Satellite category at the Galileo Masters Catalonia Challenge 2020.

Long-term passive sensors

Trenchip is a technology of very high durability (exceeds 30 years) as it is totally passive, to adapt to the times required in infrastructures.

Accurate location of THE SENSORS

The Trenchip sensors incorporate theDetect-Tube, RFID band technology, which allows accurate location of the sensor from the surface employing a high-performance reading device, for safer digging.

GIS integration

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is part of the Trenchip software, which allows you to visualize all your sensors on the map and access the datasheet of each sensor through the app.


The augmented reality function of the mobile app allows you to create and visualise a virtual representation of the underground installation layout, as well as to take 3D images of manholes and key points.


When installing a Trenchip sensor, the data reported through the mobile app is incorporated into the database in the cloud and can be edited later.

integrable on demand

Trenchip can store the data in its own cloud, or be integrated on-demand in the system of the management company.

TRENCHIP allows marking and identification of trenches and underground pipes up to 110cm deepwith an accuracy of <10 cm (verified in real conditions).

Trenchip implementation

Sensor placement

Trenchip sensors are very easy to place in ditches and pipes. Directly in the trench, on the pipeline or on the indicator band, as appropriate. A self-adhesive band makes it easy to fix the sensor at the desired point.

Information input

Through the Trenchip app, the operator or person responsible for the intervention records the location of the sensor, as well as the appropriate data. In the Trenchip database you can enter any information about the infrastructure or the installation that has been marked with the sensor: nature, characteristics, effects, owner, adjudicators, installation date, last inspection … Trenchip is highly flexible and allows customization of the fields. With the augmented reality function it is possible to take 3D images of manholes and other infrastructure elements using a simple point image scanning system to facilitate remote inspection.

Visualización de la información desde el mapa digital

Data processing, mapping and updating

Trenchip’s software integrates a Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows the location of sensors and underground pipeline routes to be represented on a digitised map. On the Trenchip platform, it is possible to consult the map and interact to access the information that has been incorporated into the sensors and routes.

In addition, the augmented reality function allows 3D images to be captured in the field using a simple point image scanning system, so that elements of the infrastructure can be viewed remotely in 3D for analysis and detailed observation from any angle.

Accurate location of the sensors

The Trenchip mapping system records the GPS coordinates of the sensor location. For successive interventions in a marked installation, operators will be able to precisely locate the pipe or the indicator band using the Trenchip reader device thanks to RFID technology. This will indicate the exact position and depth of the sensor, for a faster and safer intervention.

Imagen virtual de canalizaciones subterráneas mediante herramienta de realidad aumentada

Visualisation of infrastructures in situ with augmented reality

Trenchip’s augmented reality feature generates a virtual representation of the underground assets and overlays it on top of the image of the real environment, making it easy to visualise and follow the layout of the facilities on the ground. On top of the augmented reality image it is possible to manage and update the map grid data based on the precise location, as well as make corrections to existing utility maps, with high-precision localisation.

With Galileo, 100% accurate location

The Trenchip reader’s GNSS receiver, developed by Witeklab, combines the signals from the European Galileo system and those of other fleets of positioning satellites currently in operation, with terrestrial coverage receivers in most territories.

Using noise reduction algorithms, atmospheric dispersive effects, and Doppler error correction, it achieves greater accuracy than other systems, ensuring accurate sensor detection.


Localice sus activos con precisión sin necesidad de excavar

Trenchip provides you with effective control of your infrastructure…

Optical fiber

Street lighting

Electricity (MT, BT)

Natural gas


Drinking water

Canalization and rainwater deposits

Irrigation systems in gardens and golf courses


Faster, safer, easier

With Trenchip it is possible to carry out maintenance and new installations in the subsoil efficiently and safely, preserving the existing underground assets, minimizing the risks for the operators and reducing the impact in the area, people and activities.

Due to its characteristics, Trenchip allows quick and efficient management of underground assets, which translates into faster actions with the consequent saving of time and costs.


Less risk for operators


Less disturbance to the surrounding area


Faster interventions


Easy to implement, very short learning curve


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